Space and Spatial Roadmap 2030

In this information age economic success, societal well-being and national security pivots around our ability to collect, disseminate, understand and exploit complex sets of data in a timely and effective manner.

Space and spatial capabilities are central to achieving this and can provide essential data and services to support areas of national importance such as land and water security, emergency management, and autonomous systems and smart cities management.

The space and spatial roadmap is being developed to:

  1. Highlight the strategic importance of a strong Australian space and spatial capability.
  2. Identify the critical characteristics of such a capability.
  3. Outline the steps required to realise an integrated space and spatial eco-system that will be a key national asset.
  4. Identify industry growth opportunities and propose actions to grow the space and spatial sectors.

SIBA|GITA is part of a consultation group for the 2030 Roadmap. 

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