Voting for a new organisation at the AGM

The merger of the two organisations will be voted on by members at the SSSI AGM on 21 November 2022 and the SIBA|GITA AGM on 21 November 2022. If the vote is positive, the inaugural Board will consist of representatives from both the current SSSI and SIBA|GITA Boards, other esteemed Members as well as independent Directors that will help guide the development of the new organisation. Read more.

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The Geospatial council of Australia Ltd proposed constitution, the by laws draft and the proposal to form a new peak geospatial body in Australia explanatory memorandum.

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A new organisation for our spatial futures

Over the past few months SSSI and SIBA|GITA have continued discussions about the potential for merging both organisations. Both Boards have met independently as well as jointly to ensure our values are aligned and priorities compatible. 

The world, our business environment and our workplaces have changed substantially over the past decade, with the pace of change likely to continue to accelerate as we recover from a global pandemic and embrace the digital transformation that is changing lives everywhere.

Now is the time for both SIBA|GITA and SSSI to reform and change the way we do business and provide greater value to our members and the wider geospatial sector. This is a unique opportunity to form a new organisation that suits the times and better prepares members for the future.

A period of member and stakeholder consultation has been completed and members are asked to vote on supporting the merger in principle.

Member update Tuesday 24 May 2022 Outcome of the SIBA|GITA extraordinary general meeting, details are published here and you can also download the explanatory memorandum

Read about the proposed future organisation

We are also pleased to provide members with additional information about the reason why a merger of SIBA|GITA and SSSI is of benefit to individuals, businesses and the wider geospatial sector.

The Information Memorandum is designed to provide more details around the prospective new organisation and help inform your voting decision.

After the EGM, if our members support continuing discussions with SSSI regarding a merger, more detailed information about the proposed peak organisation will be shared with members.

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Member consultation

Member consultation sessions were held via webinar on the 24th of February and the 24th of March 2022 to hear: 

  • Overview of recent changes within the surveying and spatial sectors
  • The impetus for SSSI and SIBA|GITA to become a merged entity
  • How the surveying and spatial sectors will benefit from SSSI and SIBA|GITA forming a merged entity

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What has happened so far?

Both Boards believe merging SSSI and SIBA|GITA is an effective strategy for organisational growth, gaining scale efficiencies and enhancing services and reach for the spatial and surveying related sectors across Australia.

There is an opportunity to merge SSSI and SIBA|GITA and form a new peak body to represent the current and emerging interests of professionals and the industry by drawing on decades of experience, good will and initiatives that support the sector and its professionals to capitalise on opportunities that are surfacing.

This is only possible with the support of our members.

To date, two meetings have been held with an external key stakeholder group. This group of senior executives from business, government and academia provided a forum for us to bring together industry thought leaders to evaluate effective ways to best support and nurture the geospatial industry during this time of growth. These discussions reinforced the need to continue our work in the area of workforce development, but also highlighted there are many other areas requiring our attention with the need for one body taking a leadership role in work force development and advocacy on behalf of the sector.

Based on the outcomes of discussions held, a resolution was recently passed by both Boards independently which sees both organisations proceed with the merger subject to completing the investigation and due diligence (with independent assessment of both entities simultaneously), the development of a communications and engagement plan, governance and operational structures, a value based membership fee model, other income streams and the development of a Business Plan and Transition Plan.

Announcement of inaugural president for the proposed new geospatial peak body board of directors

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) and the Spatial Business Industries Association (SIBA|GITA) Boards are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Peter Woodgate as Director and President designate for the proposed new geospatial peak body. Read more.