The SIBA | GITA 2017–2022 Strategic Plan reflects the organisation’s character as an association which provides a collaborative and united approach toward achieving our vision. 

The Plan marks a focus on promoting spatial industry capability into the growth industries identified in the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda and subsequent Space + Spatial 2030 Roadmap. A sizeable portion of resources have been earmarked to increase member services and, for the first time, bring a strong focus to reaching out into members’ markets to develop market potential. It also brings focus to refining SIBA | GITA’s signature activities, and will secure the support and advocacy of staff, and the organisation’s external partners.

The Plan is a delicate balance of foundation-building and aspiration, aiming to position the Association as the authority on spatial business in Australasia and a leading organisation globally. The Plan concentrates on leveraging SIBA | GITA’s extraordinary strengths: diversity and passion in its membership, and a deeply held commitment to seeing spatial information underpin prosperity in the world. 

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"We are clear that spatial information will underpin business and social activity in our region, and our members must be at the forefront of that information revolution"

Collaboration is a key theme in the Plan, in recognition of the scope and scale of effort required to realise the potential for the spatial industry. 

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