Tasmanian Spatial Information Council (TASSIC) 2020 Second Quarter Report

TASSIC is an industry/government advisory body reporting to the Minister for Primary Industries and Water. The role of the Council is to provide a forum for collaboration and discussion of spatial information issues relevant to the Tasmanian economy and society. It also has a role in facilitating development and application of spatial information data and services in Tasmania where relevant to the Tasmanian economy and society.


TASSIC has identified the following four areas as its focus for 2020:

1.     Review of the LIST

2.     Agriculture

3.     Local government/regional development

4.     Education


SIBA is a member of TASSIC and its seat on the council is currently vacant. We would like to offer the opportunity to our members representing SIBA at the council. Please contact us at SIBA COMMS EMAL if you are interested in this opportunity.



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