Space and Spatial 2030 Roadmap consultation plan

Over the past year, SIBA|GITA has been working with FrontierSI, together with government agencies, to plan the development of a Space and Spatial 2030 Roadmap which will draw attention to the interlinkages between space and spatial, and the steps required to more closely integrate and grow these two ecosystems.

The key outcome from broad consultation with both sectors will be a growth roadmap focused on the most important areas where space and spatial can work together and a set of actions to optimise growth looking out to 2030.

Not only will a more strategic and integrated approach lead to increased productivity in key Australian economic sectors, but the benefits are also expected to accrue through increased participation in the global space and spatial industries, improved access to surety for Australia’s information supply chains, increased efficiency in the delivery of state and government services, and improved planning to ensure skills gaps are filled to meet required growth.

A consultation paper will shortly be released which sets out issues identified for feedback. It focusses on issues that have not yet been factored into the many existing strategies and plans of the agencies, organisations and companies that have contributed to the consultation paper. Feedback will be gathered through a range of mechanisms, and FrontierSI will be coordinating feedback from its partners.

SIBA|GITA will collaborate with SSSI on industry consultations soon.