SIBA|GITA welcomes the announced funding for spatial infrastructure in the Federal Budget

$36.9 million for Digital Earth Australia will make a vast wealth of satellite data available to businesses, researchers and the community, as part of a $262m package to Geoscience Australia over the next few years. We look forward to working with Geoscience Australia to amplify private sector participation and capability as Digital Earth Australia is delivered.

The Australian Government Budget investments in the Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and the National Positioning Infrastructure (NPI) will provide welcome enhancements to spatial industry activities, and contribute to development of new business opportunities. $160.9 million for SBAS will deliver satellite positioning data across all of Australia and its maritime territories with an accuracy of 10cm. Its complete coverage will have enormous benefits for rural and regional Australia and sectors such as mining and agriculture. $64 million for NPIC will establish a national ground station network to deliver positioning data with 3-5cm accuracy within areas of mobile phone coverage across Australia.

Similarly, $41 million for Growing the Australian Space Industry, which will be used to establish and operate an Australian Space Agency and to partner with international space agencies, is adding to the momentum of growth in our industry. This is part of a $302 million space package, which also includes the previously mentioned measures for satellite infrastructure.

We congratulate our peers at Geoscience Australia and CRC-SI for working together with businesses to research and promote the investment into these important spatial initiatives. This is a significant achievement for the spatial industry, and will directly benefit Australian communities by enhancing smart infrastructure and services.

For businesses generally the budget delivers lower taxes for Australian businesses and extends the $20,000 instant asset write‒off, which is also welcome.

There is also $75 billion for transport infrastructure, a 21st century Medical Industry Growth Plan and a focus on building a stronger and smarter economy through supporting Australia’s international competitiveness and exports in agriculture and the defence industry, which are target growth industries identified in the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation Agenda.

While it would be an even better budget if funds were earmarked for public private partnerships in the delivery of these budget packages, SIBA|GITA commends the investment in spatial infrastructure and business, and looks forward to working with government and industry in their implementation.

Deanna Hutchinson SIBA|GITA CEO