New role for GM as SIBA|GITA talks future workforce

SIBA|GITA is positioning itself to collaborate with the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) on plans to ensure the future growth of Australia’s space, surveying and spatial sector is secured by a skilled workforce.

Today it announced General Manager Danika Bakalich would transition to a new strategic role on 29 September, supporting industry consultation around opportunities for workforce advancement by SIBA|GITA and SSSI.

Ms Bakalich will work with the SIBA|GITA and SSSI National Boards which will be developing plans to engage both memberships over the next few months.

As the need for space, surveying and spatial services and technology increases, workforce planning and development will be increasingly pivotal to ensuring the sector has access to the right skills and capability mix needed to meet demand.

SIBA|GITA Chair Alistair Byrom said Australia needs a relevant and skilled space, surveying and spatial industry workforce to be assured of a thriving industry in the immediate and emerging future.

“Our work for the membership in coming months will continue to support branch activities and national awards but it will be more intensively focused on the workforce strategy. Central to this is working with SSSI on ways to bring a single voice to the national spatial industry landscape,” he said.

SSSI President Paul Digney said: “Australia has the talent, skills and capacity for excellence to ensure we are nationally and globally competitive into the future. But we need to develop the skills essential for the future of our industry so we can be prepared to adopt new and emerging technologies.”

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