Message from the Chair of SIBA|GITA

SIBA held a successful AGM on 25 November, thanking our hard-working outgoing board members Mehrnoush Ghorbani and Wanda Skerrett and welcoming Jacinta Burns to the Board.

I was pleased to present my Chair’s report below:

A major initiative by the organisation was a refresh of membership offerings with newly launched member categories reflecting contemporary spatial business interests.

Members are now invited to nominate as a small, medium or large business depending on the number of employees.

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact the operations and finances of the Association putting some limits around our ability to service branch activities. However, we pivoted to virtual networking and engagement and were able to progress some significant consultation with members and the broader sector.

Ongoing talks continued between SIBA|GITA and SSSI to create a new entity. SIBA|GITA is collaborating with SSSI on plans to ensure the future growth of Australia’s surveying and spatial sector is secured by a skilled workforce. As the need for surveying and spatial services and technology increases, workforce planning and development will be increasingly pivotal to ensuring the sector has access to the right skills and capability mix needed to meet demand.

Australia needs a relevant and skilled space and spatial industry workforce to be assured of a thriving industry in the immediate and emerging future. To support this, SIBA|GITA General Manager Danika Bakalich transitioned out to a strategic role supporting industry consultation around opportunities for workforce advancement.

Our work for members has focused on supporting branch activities and a range of successful member events were held both in person and online:

  • At our Victoria and Queensland branch meetings, members discussed topics from artificial intelligence and global data trends to native title, workforce issues, technology and innovation. And where required we have made representation on behalf of our members in local advocacy matters. For instance in Qld around the ongoing competency assessment of both the Cadastral & Consulting endorsements with SBQ and with D o R the review of the Cadastral Survey Requirements.
  • SIBA|GITA co-hosted the Australia-New Zealand launch of the Locus Charter - a new international Charter which is a set of principles to guide the ethical and responsible use of location data.
  • We collaborated with SSSI on several positive consultation sessions for the SPACE+SPATIAL Industry Growth Roadmap 2030 where it was clear that the outlook for our sectors is unbounded. SIBA/GITA was involved in discussions with KPMG, on behalf of Defence, relating to the sectors sovereign industry capabilities.
  • Around the country, as we start to live with COVID, there have been several face to face events, last week SSSI held its Qld State Conference, which was followed by the Qld APSEAs. Both the day and the evening were a success, and the interaction was enjoyed by those that could attend. This week the Asia Pacific – Pacific Islands had their conference and award ceremony.

We were also pleased to contribute to workforce advancement for our industry by taking part in the survey for the Inclusion@Work index. The outcomes of this work will help to benchmark ourselves for future space, spatial and surveying professionals.

Alistair Byrom

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