Members asked to vote to support merger in principle

Over the past few months SSSI and SIBA|GITA have continued discussions about the potential for merging both organisations.

The world, our business environment and our workplaces have changed substantially over the past decade, with the pace of change likely to continue to accelerate as we recover from a global pandemic and embrace the digital transformation that is changing lives everywhere.

Now is the time for both SIBA|GITA and SSSI to reform and change the way we do business and provide greater value to our members and the wider geospatial sector. This is a unique opportunity to form a new organisation that suits the times and better prepares members for the future.

A period of member and stakeholder consultation has been completed and members are asked to vote on supporting the merger in principle.

An Extraordinary General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 24 at 12.30pm AEST to be held on-site at the Locate22 conference in Canberra. Or attend online through Zoom.

Download the Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting

Download the Explanatory Memorandum

Read about the proposed future organisation

We are also pleased to provide members with additional information about the reason why a merger of SIBA|GITA and SSSI is of benefit to individuals, businesses and the wider geospatial sector.

The Information Memorandum is designed to provide more details around the prospective new organisation and help inform your voting decision.