Member update

Member update Tuesday 24 May 2022 Outcome of the SIBA|GITA extraordinary general meeting Today

SIBA|GITA held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) where members were given the opportunity to vote on resolutions to continue planning and preparation for the proposed merger with the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).

The two resolutions tabled were:

1. That the amalgamation of SIBA|GITA with the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute is approved in principle.

2. That the Directors and management of SIBA are requested to take all action they consider necessary and desirable to prepare for the amalgamation including, without limitation:
- to retain lawyers, accountants and tax specialists to provide appropriate advice, and
- subject to the advice received from the lawyers etc, to incorporate a new company limited by guarantee with a constitution suited to the amalgamation and the ongoing ability of the amalgamated entities to carry out their respective objects for their respective and new members

Both resolutions were passed unanimously.

It is important to note this was not a binding vote for the merger to proceed. However, it enables the SIBA Board to continue planning for a possible merger with SSSI. Members will be invited to formally vote on the proposed merger later in 2022.