A Life Without Limits - National Alliance

As Australians the one thing that is constant at the moment is change. Just when you think things have settled we get to experience the next “bump”.

So I want to focus on the great opportunities ahead of us to create new relationships and strive to make a difference.

Just briefly as many of you would know the Surveying Task Force Inc. was established as an independent not-for-profit organisation, in 2008. Over the past twelve years, with financial and in-kind support from Victorian surveying stakeholders and Victorian surveying businesses and individuals, it has raised and expended over $1 million in funds (with a similar value of in-kind support). This has included the development of the A Life Without Limits brand, website and systems approach which has been broadly recognised as a highly successful campaign. 

Over this time a number of other State/Territory -based sector organisations have recognised the value of the work done by the Surveying Task Force Inc. and have committed to the campaign through a Licensing Agreement with the Surveying Task Force Inc.  This has led to the establishment of the A Life Without Limits National Alliance.

The National Alliance is comprised of six State/Territory-based sector organisations under a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of enhancing State/Territory-based activities through consultation, coordination and cooperation on national issues and activities and reducing ongoing costs.  Discussions are underway with two other jurisdiction to also participate – Tasmania and the Northern Territory. The representatives of the inaugural committee include:

Destination Spatial QLD:

Glenn Campbell (Committee DSQ)

Paul Reed (Committee DSQ)


Narelle Underwood – Surveyor-General & Chair of STF NSW/ACT)

Michelle Blicavs (Administrator)

South Australia

Sharon Medlow Smith (Surveyors Board of South Australia)

Michael Burdett (Surveyor-General)

STF Victoria:

George Havakis (Vice Chair STF Vic) National Convenor

Gerry Shone (Chair of STF Vic)

STF Western Australia

Richard Delany (Chair STF WA)

Angelique Cooper (Executive Officer STF WA)


Each of the Alliance members brings to the table strong connections with a range of sector stakeholders, which include industry and professional associations, government and education providers.  These existing connections will allow the National Alliance to support a National Program designed to underpin effective stakeholder engagement across varying jurisdictional settings.

Recently, The Surveying Task Force Inc. on behalf of The National Alliance submitted an application to the National Careers Institute Partnership Grants Program, seeking funding to develop and commence implementation of a National Program. This project will build on the estimated $5.5 million that the State/Territory based sector bodies have collectively invested over the last 10 years to develop their various career attracting strategies and initiatives.

The National Approach to Career Attraction Initiatives for the Surveying Sector will build the surveying sector's capacity and capability to sustainably implement career attraction initiatives. 

The National Program will improve the sustainability of the delivery of initiatives to attract people to a career in surveying by:

-       Improving initiative consistency

-       Providing common resources

-       Improving the ability of jurisdictions to digitally engage with students and potential workforce entrants

-       Improving the cost effectiveness of initiative delivery

-       Supporting knowledge transfer between State/Territory -based sector bodies

-       Improving the long-term sustainability of the delivery of career attracting initiatives

-       Reducing the cost to National Alliance members.

Improving the digital engagement capabilities of the sector is particularly important in a COVID-19 impacted environment.  Moves in this direction have already happened in some jurisdictions, with students being able to attend virtual career expos and undertake virtual excursions.

Another opportunity that we have created is the development of a program to be COVID 19 Safe. Through the Surveying Task Force Inc. we have formed a joint initiative with Personal Protective Products Pty Ltd (3PS Group) which gives surveying and spatial businesses access to competitively priced and industry focused Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

3PS is also giving back to the surveying community by donating a percentage of all sales to the Surveying Task Force/A Life Without Limits National Alliance.

The Surveying Task Force encourages its industry supporters to consider 3PS Group for your relevant PPE supplies. The use of the STF2020 code is not restricted to surveying businesses. If you are satisfied with the service and quality offered by 3PS please pass this information on to any relevant associates.

We are excited by these opportunity and we look forward with excitement of what will be possible in the years ahead.


George Havakis

National Convenor