Conversation with the spatial community

Message from SIBA|GITA Chair Alistair Byrom

Over my professional career as a land surveyor, the only thing that has been consistent is change. Technology and digital disruption have and will continue to offer the spatial community limitless opportunities and it is also undeniable there will continue to be challenges as this pace of change continues to accelerate.

Yet on several matters the spatial community’s conversation has not changed at all, particularly around workforce shortages, the age and diversity of the workforce, renumeration, competency, recognition, etc. These are all things that impact all sectors of the geospatial community be it private, public, academia or research and development at a national level.

To be able to address these issues we must be united in our representation, we must have significant numbers to change the current situation and to keep our momentum going.

The proposed merger of SSSI and SIBA|GITA is a vital step in the process.  Often peak bodies have attempted to address too many issues with what, unfortunately, have been too little resources. Our focus initially will be on a small number of goals, as we grow and engage with our members, our activities and goals will evolve.  

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