How do I become a Member?

Go to this page and follow the steps

You will be asked to create a personal profile first and then for corporate membership provide some information about your business.

Information about our membership tiers is available here: become a member

Then, you choose a tier and how you want to pay and we will take it from there.

How can I pay an invoice?

Direct Deposit
Spatial Industries Business Association Ltd.
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 064 000
Account No: 1597 6121
Account Name: Spatial Industries Business Assoc.
Please quote Ref: (Invoice #)

How do I purchase Shop items?

You need to create a User Account:

Steps for doing this:

On website Home Page Click on “Shop”

Order your supplies (e.g. 20 x SP barcode labels) and add to cart

Click “Checkout”  when you have confirmed that your order is correct

Click on “Create your Account"

Fill in your details, Click on “Register”

You will see “Your Account has been Created”

You will receive an email confirming that your account has been set up

Now click on “Log In”

Enter your email address and password

You may be asked to link yourself to your company in which case an email will be sent to your company account admin who will be asked to give you authority to purchase shop items on your company's behalf.

If you require assistance with this please email  or call (07) 3367 0262  and we will step you through the process.

How do I apply for Consulting Endorsement?

In order to initiate the consulting endoresement process please conatct us

What is a Webfriend?

A webfriend is a friend of spatial or shop customer who has set up a user account.

When a person becomes a webfriend they can:

  • Make event, product and resource purchases

  • Follow articles

  • Post comments on news articles

  • Purchase a membership plan

  • Receive Newsletters

How do I become a Webfriend?

click on Enews Sign Up and set up a User Account

How do I update my membership?

Go to the Join and renew page

How do I update my details?

Login to your Portal and update your personal details

How do I renew my membership?

Go to the Join and renew page

The two main dates that take place on the membership renewal timeline are:

  • Membership Expiry Date - This is the official date that the membership expires and is the start of the grace period. During the grace period member services may be restricted.

  • Grace Expiry Date - This is the unofficial end date of all member services and the end of the grace period. After this date the user loses all member privileges and reverts to a Webfriend status.

Members can receive notices via email before, on, or after these events.

How do I join an interest group?

Log in to your Portal and update your personal profile, then choose the Regional Interest Groups and Subject Interest Groups you wish to follow.