Peter Kinne is the Regional Director, Australasia for DigitalGlobe Inc and company director of DigitalGlobe Australia Pty Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Public Administration which led to careers in: CSIRO, Queensland Government, and Industries including asset management, design, and more recently, 18 years in the spatial industries.


Peter holds Advisory Committee Member positions on the Queensland Government's Space Industry Development Group and Brisbane Regional Development Association. Volunteer positions include: Regional Ambassador - DigitalGlobe Foundation, member - Spatial Industry Diversity Panel, Qld Chair SSSI Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission, and SIBA Qld regional representative.

He manages a region which includes Australia, New Zealand and the 18 Pacific island countries of the SPC and has been involved in various projects including: maritime borders, food security, and disaster responses. Within Australia he has been directly involved in leading edge technology projects including the PSMA Geoscape.