Member benefits

Our members share a passion for dealing with things that are on or near the surface of the earth.

Our members tell us the greatest value comes from raising our collective voices in support of our community. Being a member gives you access to the right conversations for you and your industry. It also gives you services that are right for your business when you need them.

Our members include organisations that create and use spatial information across the spectrum of surveying, GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography, hydrography and spatial system development.

There is strength in sharing knowledge and supporting one another in an authentic way. With this in mind, SIBA | GITA works for, and on behalf of our members.


Our members value the nurturing networks we develop, and the connections we help them to make with peers, suppliers, industry decision-makers, and potential clients. We look for opportunities to promote relationship building, through the numerous events we host throughout the year, as well as facilitating introductions between individual members. In short, we’ll do everything possible to open the right doors for you.


We focus on two areas of growth: assisting and promoting the growth of our members; and assisting and promoting the growth of the spatial industry. As
a SIBA|GITA member you can access advice, templates, webinars, marketing opportunities and services that suit your stage of growth. You will also benefit directly from industry-wide activities SIBA|GITA is leading in member-identified growth markets including transport, built environment, agriculture, health, energy and mining, defence and security, environment and communications.


Our members are supported by a range of business tools, saving you time and money which ultimately helps you to run your organisation more effectively and more efficiently. Contact us for expert advice related to running a spatial business, ask about mentoring, customise your preferences for staying up to date on industry news, or access our third-party relationships for insurance and quality assurance products and services.


Our members enjoy the benefits of our work with governments and other stakeholders to promote and advocate for an optimal business environment. As a member, you’ll have a direct voice into a range of government initiatives and reviews that are topical for the industry. We’ll also look into issues that you raise and seek your advice on matters we take to our government and private sector stakeholders.

As a member your benefits include:

  • Access to the member portal on our website
  • Personalise your newsfeed in the member portal
  • Receive a copy of the annual report
  • Seek expert advice on spatial business matters
  • Access the knowledge-base (white papers, presentations)
  • Access the premium knowledge base materials (webinars, special reports)*
  • Download business support tools (templates, example documents)
  • Sign up for special industry updates
  • Access the Salary Survey
  • Receive a subscription to Position and Utility magazines
  • Participate in knowledge communities
  • Participate in industry advocacy groups
  • Contribute to industry reports, white papers and government submissions
  • Be invited to exclusive leadership events

  • Participate in selected industry-research collaboration activities
  • Participate in selected industry-research collaboration leadership groups
  • Save with discounted member rates for events and shop
  • Save with discounted member rates for tickets and exhibition at allied events
  • Receive complimentary tickets to selected events
  • Enjoy unlimited access to SIBA|GITA boardroom and hot-desk facility in Brisbane
  • Save on entry fees for Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

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