The results of this survey tell us more than just the earning potential of individuals in the industry. The results provide invaluable year-on-year insight into industry demographics, segments, job roles and classifications, earnings, geographics, industry types, non-salary benefits, the level of turnover and length of tenure, and a little bit about the organisations individuals are working for.
So, the Survey results enables the industry to effectively plan for the future of their workforce, based on data. It’s also used to determine the industry’s health, identify emerging questions about salary and conditions, a base for communications, and to effectively inform people entering the industry.
It helps businesses and individuals understand where they can benchmark and also what the trends are.
The Survey is focused on individuals, and we ideally want information about each employee/person in the Australian and New Zealand spatial industry — including private, government and academic sectors.

Data collection for the current survey is now closed. The report will be published in early 2019.

For further information, please contact SIBA|GITA on (07) 3367 0262  or email here.
Thank you for completing the survey and please encourage all your colleagues to do the same.