The Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) is the peak body representing the Spatial Industry.

We are a trusted source of knowledge for our members, and an active advocate for future business opportunities. Our vision is to see spatial information underpin Digital Transformation in Australasia. 

SIBA is the peak body representing the Spatial Industries – things that are on, or near to the Earth’s surface. 

At the very heart of who we are is our mission to grow the opportunities and capabilities of our members, so that our industry can contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of our region. 

Our members include businesses who supply surveying and spatial services, as well as educational institutions and government agencies who provide critical services and support, and organisations who use spatial information in the public and private sector. We are a unified network throughout Australasia, working together to build a more innovative, entrepreneurial and prosperous Australia

Be they surveyors, geospatial scientists, spatial system developers, or cartographers, our members share a passion for addressing things that located are on or near the surface of the earth.

The opportunities for spatial information to transform activities on our planet, and the potential for our industry’s development are unfolding exponentially.

Objectives and Activities:

1.    We promote our industry’s role in growing a prosperous and sustainable region by:

  • Ensuring the role and value of the spatial industry in the broader economy is recognised and utilised;
  • Being the trusted partner on matters of importance for the spatial community. 

2.    We actively seek to increase the market share of our industry, and collaboratively improve commercial returns by:

  • Partnering with selected industry sectors reliant upon spatial information;
  • Facilitating the application of spatial innovation, research and development in business. 

3.    We deliver business benefits for our members, by: 

  • Sustaining a vibrant, diverse and growing community of businesses bene ting from spatial information; 
  • Ensuring access to a skilled and capable workforce.